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The Yolo Family Resource Center is a nonprofit agency whose mission is to engage families in accessing support and resources promoting health, stability and self-sufficiency, so that children thrive in and contribute to a strong community. We encourage families to access those resources necessary to create or maintain a safe and nurturing environment for their children. We promote the integration of and connection to the various services that currently exist in the county, and we work directly with other service providers to ensure families don’t fall between the cracks. Most importantly, we work to develop the dignity and capacity of families in Yolo County, so that they can sustain themselves as healthy, self-sufficient members of the community.

The YFRC serves as a community services hub by providing a one-stop access point and clearinghouse of community services and health education. The challenge remains identifying and matching resources and the people who need them.

Our case managers, clinical counselors and youth development practitioners work directly with adults and children in providing assistance, supportive programming and linkage to other service providers, programs and resources. Our staff works closely together, as well with other community partner staff, to provide comprehensive, coordinated services. They conduct school and home visits, as well as meet with clients on site at the YFRC.

The Yolo Family Resource Center operates under the following principles:

  • Every community has assets and resources, and when they are strategically used they can lead to effective and appropriate services to individuals, families and the community at large.
  • All youth and adults are seen not just as potential clients and recipients of services, but as potential providers and resources to their peers as well.
  • All clients are served, regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Services are delivered in a culturally competent manner by a multilingual and multicultural staff.
  • Clients are connected to resources in a meaningful way, not just handed a list of phone numbers.
  • Client confidentiality is preserved at all times.

The Yolo Family Resource Center is proud to receive support from the Woodland United Way.

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